Q10 helps fight gum infection

Q10 helps fight gum infection

Did you know that coenzyme Q10 taken as a supplement can reverse gingival bleeding and in some cases even cause loose teeth to attach themselves again in the jawbone? Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells in gum tissue. In addition, it improves micro-circulation in the gums.

Short facts about Q10

 Short facts about Q10

Q10 is a vitamin-like nutrient with a pivotal role in cellular energy metabolism. It regulates the conversion of fat, carbohydrate, and protein into a molecule called ATP, which is energy stored in its chemical form. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate.
Our liver can produce Q10 but our body's own production of the substance decreases substantially with increasing age

Low Q10 levels may cause depression


Low Q10 levels may cause depressionSome people who take cholesterol-lowering statins may experience depression due to the fact that the medicine lowers levels of Q10, a substance that is vital for cellular energy production. Supplements of Q10 taken along with the medicine may prevent this side effect.

Understanding the "energy-starved" heart

Understanding the "energy-starved" heartMedical science has traditionally used the term "chronic heart failure" about patients who had poor heart function, low exercise tolerance, chest pain and shortness of breath. Now, this condition is also known as the energy-starved heart. If the heart muscle is no longer able to produce sufficient amounts of energy to carry out its basic functions, it has serious implications for patient's quality of life.

Coenzyme Q10 is the key to cellular energy production and with supplements of this extremely important substance, significant improvements can be obtained. Studies have shown that patients with severe degrees of heart failure can improve their condition amazingly just by taking coenzyme Q10 as part of their daily regimen.

Selenium’s and iron’s different roles in cancer prevention – and why it is vital to get the exact right amount!

Selenium’s and iron’s different roles in cancer prevention – and why it is vital to get the exact right amount!All our cells contain different selenium compounds that support a number of vital functions, and which have several cancer-fighting mechanisms. As an antioxidant, selenium prevents iron from developing some of the most harmful free radicals that can damage cellular DNA and lead to uncontrolled cell division. This is why a selenium deficiency combined with excess iron is a lethal cocktail. Although iron is essential, it is vital that we do not get too much. It is also important to get plenty of selenium from food and/or supplements and in a form that the body can absorb and utilize in each and every cell in order to be properly protected against cancerous substances.

Q10 may help people with Parkinson’s disease

Q10 may help people with Parkinson’s diseaseAccording to a Japanese study, some people with Parkinson’s disease may find that coenzyme Q10 helps to relieve their symptoms. Q10 occurs in two forms, both of which have vital functions, but the scientists observed that only the one form had a positive effect on Parkinson’s disease. Nonetheless, when supplementing with Q10, both forms are equally good. What matters is that the active compound can be absorbed. Once it has been absorbed, the body can shift from one form to the other, a process that also requires selenium.

Selenium is essential but we don’t get enough from fish and shellfish

Selenium is essential but we don’t get enough from fish and shellfishSelenium is crucial for your thyroid function, immune system, cardiovascular system, and even for preventing cancer. Fish and shellfish are among the best selenium sources, but even 200 grams of fish and shellfish five days a week won’t do the trick, according to a Danish selenium study. What makes it even more difficult to obtain optimal amounts of this nutrient is that the agricultural soil in large parts of Europe is stripped of vital nutrients like selenium. Margaret P. Rayman, one of Europe’s leading experts on selenium, says that there is a direct link between the decreasing selenium intake and the increasing rate of cancers, rheumatism, infertility, and numerous other health problems. The question is, how do we humans get enough selenium?

Denmark sets the cancer record again

- and lacking certain nutrients may play a vital role

Denmark sets the cancer record againNew figures from the cancer database, Nordcan, reveal that Danish women hold the record in cancer prevalence, and both sexes still have the lowest cancer survival rate among the Nordic countries. Experts claim that this is linked to our lifestyle. However, cancer even occurs among people with healthy lifestyles, and international studies suggest that modern diets tend to lack optimal amounts of selenium, vitamin D and omega-3, all of which have cancer-preventive properties. Research also points to melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone.

How does Q10 affect athletic performance?

How does Q10 affect athletic performance?Q10 is involved in the energy turnover in all cells. The highest concentration of the compound is found in the heart, as this muscle needs to pump day and night and to supply muscle cells with more blood when we are physically active. The cellular energy turnover takes place inside some minute powerhouses called mitochondria. A Danish-Swedish study has shown that the mitochondria in the muscle cells of top-notch athletes have a different construction that makes them able to produce up to 25 per cent more energy. Earlier studies show that Q10 is able to improve athletic performance, and it all boils down to optimizing the energy turnover in the cells.

Q10 and cholesterol make an essential team

- but ageing processes and cholesterol-lowering drugs inhibit the body’s Q10 synthesis

Q10 and cholesterol make an essential teamNo matter how you twist and turn it, cholesterol is an essential substance, and we humans produce most of it ourselves. What is important is to make sure that the cholesterol we have in our blood does not oxidize, and that is something which Q10 and other antioxidants take care of. Stable blood sugar levels also help us maintain a healthy cholesterol balance.

Many migraine sufferers lack Q10 and vitamins

Many migraine sufferers lack Q10 and vitaminsA study has shown that many children and young people suffering from migraines lack coenzyme Q10 and several vitamins. While more research is needed before conclusions can be made, earlier studies have actually shown that Q10 supplementation may have a positive effect on migraine. Because migraine is common among children and adults it is obvious to take a closer look at the underlying cause and compensate for any deficiencies.


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