Q10 helps fight gum infection

Q10 helps fight gum infection

Did you know that coenzyme Q10 taken as a supplement can reverse gingival bleeding and in some cases even cause loose teeth to attach themselves again in the jawbone? Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells in gum tissue. In addition, it improves micro-circulation in the gums.

Short facts about Q10

 Short facts about Q10

Q10 is a vitamin-like nutrient with a pivotal role in cellular energy metabolism. It regulates the conversion of fat, carbohydrate, and protein into a molecule called ATP, which is energy stored in its chemical form. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate.
Our liver can produce Q10 but our body's own production of the substance decreases substantially with increasing age

Low Q10 levels may cause depression


Low Q10 levels may cause depressionSome people who take cholesterol-lowering statins may experience depression due to the fact that the medicine lowers levels of Q10, a substance that is vital for cellular energy production. Supplements of Q10 taken along with the medicine may prevent this side effect.

Understanding the "energy-starved" heart

Understanding the "energy-starved" heartMedical science has traditionally used the term "chronic heart failure" about patients who had poor heart function, low exercise tolerance, chest pain and shortness of breath. Now, this condition is also known as the energy-starved heart. If the heart muscle is no longer able to produce sufficient amounts of energy to carry out its basic functions, it has serious implications for patient's quality of life.

Coenzyme Q10 is the key to cellular energy production and with supplements of this extremely important substance, significant improvements can be obtained. Studies have shown that patients with severe degrees of heart failure can improve their condition amazingly just by taking coenzyme Q10 as part of their daily regimen.

Selenium adds length to your telomeres and increases your life expectancy

Selenium adds length to your telomeres and increases your life expectancyThe cells in our body are constantly renewed but they can only divide a limited number of times. It all depends on the length of their telomeres, which one can compare to the protective plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces. Every time a cell divides, its telomeres are reduced in length, bringing the cell closer to its terminal phase. Now, a Chinese study has revealed that higher selenium intake is linked to increased telomere length. Put differently, a higher selenium intake contributes to protecting the cells and allowing them to replicate more times. This may likely postpone the ageing process and extend our lifespan, and there are other studies that suggest the same. It is worth making a note of the fact that selenium deficiency is widespread in Europe and throughout the world.

Q10 supplements increase your chances of surviving sepsis

- which is a common, life-threatening blood poisoning

Q10 supplements increase your chances of surviving sepsisAccording to WHO, sepsis is the third-most common cause of death, following cardiovascular disease and death. Sepsis is a result of the immune defense overreacting to an infection in the bloodstream. According to a new Slovakian study published in Bratislava Medical Journal, if you start supplementing with Q10 early in the treatment phase, it may reduce the symptoms and improve the chances of survival. Read more about another nutrient that contributes to the prevention of sepsis.

Widespread selenium deficiency increases the risk of dying of COVID-19

Widespread selenium deficiency increases the risk of dying of COVID-19The trace element selenium has a vital yet overlooked role in ensuring a well-functioning immune system, and the widespread problems with selenium deficiency increase the risk of dying of COVID-19, according to a large German study that is published in the science journal Nutrients. The scientists therefore conclude that determining the patients’ blood selenium levels may provide vital diagnostic information. Also, the researchers conclude that it may be necessary to include selenium supplements in the treatment of COVID-19, especially with older people, diabetics, and those with chronic diseases that are at particular risk of life-threatening complications. The agricultural soil in Europe and other parts of the world contains relatively little selenium, which is why it is imperative to focus more on getting adequate amounts of this essential nutrient for the sake of preventing COVID-19 and other viral infections. It appears that the official recommendations – the so-called reference intake levels or RI – are not sufficient to meet the body’s actual requirements.

Supplements with Q10 and other antioxidants for common eye diseases

Supplements with Q10 and other antioxidants for common eye diseasesThe blood supply to the retina of the eye is crucial for good vision. For that reason, experts recommend taking antioxidant supplements against eye diseases caused by an impaired blood supply to the retina. Although there is lacking evidence for the effectiveness of such supplements it appears now that Q10 and other antioxidants may improve vision when used in combination with conventional therapies, according to a Spanish study that is published in Nutrients. Because the body has difficulty with absorbing Q10 from supplements it is important to choose a supplement that has good bioavailability.

How Q10 prevents and relieves migraines

How Q10 prevents and relieves migrainesHigh-dosed supplementation with coenzyme Q10 is able to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of migraine attacks, which is because the compound reduces levels of a brain peptide that causes pain and inflammation. This was shown in a groundbreaking study that is published in Nutritional Neuroscience. Pharmaceutical companies are now working around the clock to develop a patentable drug that is able to block this peptide, but migraine sufferers may just as well use Q10. It is already available without a prescription. Always choose a high-quality product with documented bioavailability to ensure that the Q10 molecules reach the energy-producing mitochondria of the cells. The reason why migraine sufferers may have an increased need for coenzyme Q10 is that they have mitochondrial defects.

Selenium’s and zinc’s essential role in fertility and a healthy pregnancy

Selenium’s and zinc’s essential role in fertility and a healthy pregnancyInvoluntary childlessness has become increasingly common. Many women find themselves in a race against time, and their biological clock keeps ticking louder and louder. Fertility therapies, miscarriages, preeclampsia, and other complications during pregnancy contribute to the physical and emotional burden. In a new Australian study that is published in Nutrients, the authors write about selenium and zinc and how these nutrients play an important role in fertility and a healthy pregnancy. They also address the problems with widespread selenium deficiency and point out that environmental toxins like mercury deplete levels of vital selenium-containing proteins in the body. The scientists point to supplements for fighting deficiencies, just like folic acid and iron are routinely recommended to pregnant women. It pays off to choose selenium yeast with multiple organic selenium compounds and organic zinc to help improve the bioavailability and utilization of the nutrients.

Most nutritional supplements do not improve heart health or help you live longer

- because their quality is not good enough

Most nutritional supplements do not improve heart health or help you live longer The majority of supplements with vitamins and minerals fails to extend life or protect against cardiovascular disease, although fish oil does seem to have a good effect, according to a large review from John Hopkins University. On the other hand, a Danish study shows that blood levels of vitamin D are crucial for a person’s expected lifespan, and a groundbreaking Swedish study shows that patented supplements with Q10 and selenium benefit older people by improving their cardiac health and reducing cardiovascular mortality by 50%. What matters is to use supplements that contain nutrients in the right quantity, which have a proper quality and can be absorbed by the body. In the following, you can read more about the different studies and learn how you can improve your heart health and increase your chances of a longer life.

Low selenium levels in the soil are linked to life-threatening reactions to COVID-19

Low selenium levels in the soil are linked to life-threatening reactions to COVID-19An international science team from the University of Surrey in England has found a link between low selenium levels in the soil and the risk od COVID-19 infections becoming lethal. Professor Margaret Rayman, who headed the study, has spent decades studying the global lack of selenium that is known to impair the ability of the immune system to tackle virus infections and new epidemics. The farmlands in large parts of the world, including Europe and China, are low in selenium, and it is vital to have more focus on this essential nutrient.

Q10 as a natural anti-ageing remedy that can also prevent chronic disease and early death

Q10 as a natural anti-ageing remedy that can also prevent chronic disease and early deathThe number of seniors in the world is growing. It hardly comes as a surprise that old people wish to stay mentally and physically fit and enjoy every minute of the of life. Nonetheless, many middle-aged and older people feel tired and lethargic, or they suffer from chronic diseases that impair their quality of life and are associated with shorter life expectancy. In his book, Coenzyme Q10 – An Insider’s Guide, Dr. William V. Judy looks closer at how Q10 is able to delay the ageing process at a cellular level by increasing energy levels, supporting heart health, and preventing atherosclerosis and other chronic diseases that are linked to ageing. Combined supplementation with Q10 and selenium can even delay the risk of early death by over 50 percent. Dr. Judy makes a point of saying how important it is to choose pharmaceutical-grade Q10 that the body can absorb and utilize.


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